Jasmine Market: Fish Noodle Soup

I finally got the chance to try out the fish noodle soup at Jasmine Market tonight for dinner.  I was just going to go home and cook up some fried rice, but I thought, “Hey, the BF isn’t around, and they only have this soup at night and on weekends, so what better time to try it?”

Fish noodle soup @ Jasmine Market

The noodle soup was everything I had hoped it to be.  Thick, savory, slightly pungent with that salty fish smell, filling, warming, and best of all, cheap.  Seriously cheap.  I got a bowl, which was the perfect amount, and a can of coconut juice and it ended up being only $5.08!  I’m salivating just thinking about the soup again.

I also finally met the dad who works at the restaurant.  He was really friendly and enthusiastic about the food.  While I was eating, several regulars came in and they seemed to all be good buddies. It gave me a warm feeling, or it could just be the delicious soup.

I lamented to the dad about how I always want this soup during lunch, but it’s unavailable. According to him, it’s too much of a heatlh department hassle because of the rice noodles. They take a while to cook, and the health department wants them to put the rice noodles in the fridge if no one is eating it. Of course, that ruins the noodles’ texture.  So the family decided to just serve the soup at dinner when they have a little more time to prepare and more people order it, I assume.

My favorite dish at Jasmine Market used to be the Paaya soup, but now, I have to say it’s this one.  I’ll be dreaming about the fish noodle soup tonight.

Jasmine Market
4135 Sepulveda Blvd
Culver City, CA 90230
(310) 313-3767

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      It’s definitely worth a try if you like Asian noodle soups. There aren’t that many Burmese places in Los Angeles, so if you really do come out and want some pointers, let me know.

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    Wait!! This is the soup I was talking about. So, good, right? Perhaps they do a chicken protein on somedays…and fish on others!

    I’m so glad you love this place too!!

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