Boat Noodles Showdown: Sapp vs. Ord

To take a break from the coverage of my Monterey Bay trip, I present to you BOAT NOODLES SHOWDOWN: SAPP vs. ORD in Thai town.  Thanks again to Tony C for setting this up and getting everyone together.

Our first stop was to Sapp Coffee Shop which I’ve written about before. Their broth is thick, rich, has just the right amount of spiciness (if you ask for a medium), and is a good-sized portion for a meal. The assorted meats you get from the #3 on the menu are all decent and tasty as well as scary if you’re easily grossed out by offal. For $5.50 a bowl, you can’t get any better than this:

Beef Boat Noodle @ Sapp

After paying our tab at Sapp, we walked the few blocks over to Ord for round two. Ord certainly is a more ‘classy’ joint compared to Sapp. The tables are not as rickety, the chairs more solid, and the restaurant is just cleaner looking — if you’re into that kind of thing. I personally think that’s a ding to their authenticity.

Beef Boat Noodle @ Ord

The broth at Ord, which I ordered as a medium was more spicy, but not as flavorful. It also had a separate, thin layer of oil at top, which usually doesn’t bother me, but didn’t really add any flavor.  The broth at ord was sweeter, thinner, and just not as rich. The beef meatballs also had a strange off-taste (yes, more ‘off’ than they usually taste) to them that I didn’t much care for. The one thing Ord has going for them is that I ordered thick flat noodles in this bowl of soup and they were fantastic. Slick, wide, and still chewy.

I also have to give Ord points for giving the option of different sizes.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat a regular sized bowl after just eaten at Sapp, so I ordered the small ($3.50) which was perfect.

Verdict: Sapp Coffee shop is the winner in my book. The broth is better there and even though Ord’s noodle was better, it’s not fair comparing the noodles of both restaurants because I got the regular thin noodles at Sapp’s. Next time I go, I need to order the thick, wide noodles, but I think my decision will remain the same.

Vegan Rice Noodles @ Sapp

As a bonus, the lady at Sapp was nice enough to make the BF a special vegan plate of fried rice noodles. That’s always a few extra points in my book.  Also, for those who are scared of boat noodles, Sapp also has a lot more other noodle and rice dishes that aren’t quite as scary such as the Jade noodles, which Jessica ordered for the table:

Jade Noodles @ Sapp

Sapp Coffee Shop
5183 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles
CA 90027
(323) 665-1035

Ord Noodles
5401 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027-3405
(323) 468-9302

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    Hey, this is a great site! I have to check out ‘Thai Town’ next time I am in town. Unfortunately, here in Kyoto, where I live, good and inexpensive Thai food is not really available.

    Isn’t offal great!?!

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