Sourdough Success

My First Sourdough Loaf
I finally had success with my sourdough starter. I used the pineapple method shown here and I guess the trick is to really just follow the instructions. After the fifth day, my starter was foamy and alive! I made a test loaf seen above and while the starter doesn’t seem to have a lot of leavening power, it sure tastes good.

Home Made Sourdough WafflesI used some of the starter that I would have thrown away during a feeding to make waffle batter. The waffles didn’t taste that tangy or tart, but they did have a good complex flavor, which wasn’t something we got with just a regular waffle batter. The waffles were also incredibly airy, which was good if we got it right off the iron, but bad because it got soggy very quickly.

Egg Salad Sandwich on Sourdough BreadI also made an egg salad sandwich using the bread. There’s just something so satisfying about taking a freshly baked loaf of bread out of the oven and cutting into it and seeing the steam rise up. Maybe I should let bread cool a little longer before cutting it, but it’s one of my favorite parts about baking bread.

I didn’t want the egg salad to taste too rich, so I whipped up a batch of mango salad to go along with it. Mango, although sweet, actually tastes really good with some salt, cayenne pepper, and olive oil mixed in with it.

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    Oh my goodness, that egg salad looks absolutely fabulous. I will have to give that a try when I get a chance – I never thought of putting avocado on there.

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