Review: Living Dead in Dallas

The Southern Vampire Mysteries series by Charlaine Harris moves right along, as evident by how quickly I finished the second book, Living Dead in Dallas. This time, Sookie Stackhouse takes on a small job in Dallas for the the vampires, or more specifically, Eric the sheriff of Area 5. But that’s not all. There has also been a murder in her own town which she has to get to the bottom of.

Living Dead in Dallas builds more on the handful of main characters than the previous book. I found myself liking Eric more and more as the book went on. While the first book sets up the town and fictional world Sookie inhabits, the second book makes readers more familiar with Eric, Pam, Sam, and Bill.

The plot, or more specifically, the mystery in the second book engaged me more than the first one, but that may be because I knew about the first one before I read it. I liked that there were actually two story arcs which were both resolved by the time the book ended. While cliffhangers are good to keep readers wanting more, closure is more satisfying.

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