Mother’s Day Dinner

Mothers Day Dinner

My mom always cooks dinner for us when I visit home, so on Mother’s Day, I told her to take it easy because we would be the ones cooking for her.

I found some baby broccolini at the Farmer’s Market that day. I had never cooked it before, but regular broccolini is usually cooked with some olive oil, salt, garlic, and chili pepper, so why not just cook the baby version like that too? Even though I par-boiled them for a few minutes before throwing them in a hot pan to saute, they were still really tough. Maybe I was supposed to snap off the tough ends? The weird thing is, some of the smaller pieces that I thought would be tender, were tougher than the larger pieces.

I don’t know if my mom was just being nice, but she said this was her favorite dish. I was surprised, since it’s something new to both of us, but she does like vegetables.

Mothers Day Dinner

Along with the baby broccolini, we also made a baked ziti (vegan and not shown), a warm carrot salad (by the BF), mixed greens salad with tangerines (my grampa’s favorite), and scrambled eggs with fresh morels. Even though it’s not the type of food my parents usually eat for dinner, I think they liked it judging by how little was leftover.

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