Goodbye Smoking Cherry

My smoking cherry just poppedI can’t believe I had gone 25 years of my life without smoking a single thing only to blow it on smoking a stinky cigar. It tasted exactly like I imagined it would based on the smell — a stinky barbecue. I liked trying to make rings out of it with the smoke, but that’s about all. I don’t think I’m gonna try smoking again. It just didn’t do anything for me. I even sat in my neighbor’s special cigar-smoking bench out on the porch to make the occasion special, but it was pretty meh.

And then I woke up the next morning and could still taste the smoke in my mouth! Maybe if they made a bacon-flavored cigar, I would be a fan of it. Bacon is pretty smokey, but it’s a delicious type of smokey.

Oh man, I bet my mom is reading this right now and getting super mad about me smoking. Ah sorry mommy, I’m never gonna smoke again!

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  1. pgeek says

    I could relate! cigar smoking is vile…even if I experimented with cigarettes in my college years, cigars are still vile! sorry, cigar afficianados!

  2. enildeR says

    There’s always snus. Camel is the only one putting out in the US. …and no, I don’t mean snuff.

  3. says

    I have a pack of Djarum Blacks that have lasted me 6 months now. I don’t smoke often. They are rather sweet in taste and smell though . Perhaps you should give those a try?

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