Stanza — what took me so long?

After a mild case of Kindle envy and rationalizing — I don’t really need another gadget, especially not a Kindle, and I actually like having physical books — I compromised and downloaded an iPhone app called Stanza. It’s basically an e-book reader.

My first misgiving was that it would be too hard to read a book on the iPhone. The text would either be too small to read comfortably, or so big that I’d have to turn the page every two seconds. Or the backlight would hurt my eyes. None of this was true. I finished reading Benjamin Button in a dark room waiting for a show to start and had no problems.

Stanza comes with customizable options such as text color, type face, type size, etc. One option that I wish they had included was a dimmer switch for screen brightness. It’s a pain to go to the iPhone settings menu to adjust screen brightness everytime I want to read something in a different light.

One of the best things about Stanza is the huge library of free books to download. Sure, the latest New York Times bestseller isn’t going to be free, but there are tons of older books released to the public domain that I’ve been meaning to read.

I read my first romance novel on it. Although I guess that’s not something I should be declaring publicly. At least it’s less embarassing then purchasing one from the rack near the supermarket checkout line.

Stanza isn’t going to replace my bookshelf just yet, but it’s a handy app to have for when I forget to bring my book, or if I just want something quick to read while I’m waiting for something. And the price is right: FREE!

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    The next version of Stanza will have a dimmer switch (Stanza 1.8 has been submitted to Apple waiting for review and approval). Also, don’t worry about admitting to reading romance… it is after all the #1 genre of physical and ebooks (at least in the USA).

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    oh my god =_=
    another reason for me to get an itouch prob not gonna get an iphone since im still on contract
    but seriously, im sitting there, wifi free and which i was hooked on some internet intravenously
    and since my campus is HUGE and wifi is ubiquitous, it makes perfect sense to get one, then i look at my cute little pink nano 2nd generation and i can’t do it
    i can’t get an itouch while my ipod’s still good

    can’t do it
    but probably will lol soon

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    I’ve been waiting for a good eBook reader for Android. I used to read books on my Axim pocket pc, and the G1 screen is so much better. I know it’s only a matter of time before there is an app such as Kindle or Stanza for Android, but I want it now! /verucasaltimpression

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    Do you think the investment is worth it? Do you read more than you did before you got a Kindle? What I’m afraid of is that I’ll get tired of the shiny new toy and end up leaving it at home.

    Oh another question, how expensive are current books on it? More or less than buying a physical book?

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    For me, it was worth it – electronic books are a little cheaper and there’s lots of places to download them, ethically and unethically. I like that if I’m bored and want to buy a book, I can just press a button and have it right away instead of having to go our or wait for it to be shipped. Plus, my problem was that I had run out of bookshelf room, so it solves that.

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