Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Restaurant

Rahel Vegan Ethiopian

Rahel is one restaurant in a row of tasty Ethiopian restaurants in Little Ethiopia on Fairfax. How does this restaurant stand out against the rest? It serves delicious vegan food.

The interior is dim but cozy and the servers are always ready to answer any questions. Upon entering, you get a choice of sitting at a conventional table, or around a lower table. I usually pick the regular tables because it makes eating easier, especially if a couple of people have beverages.

Rahel Vegan Ethiopian

The best way to try out the most food at Rahel is to order one of the combos. This time, we went with the Dudade Special Combo for two, which comes with:

Shiro wot(Chick pea stew), Split lentil stew, Yeatkilt stew, Split-pea stew, String beans mixed with carrots, Yeshimbra assa (powder chick-pea stew), Greens, Yebagela siljo (broad beans paste), Stuffed green, Peppers, Tomatoes Salad, Sunflower mixed with Injera and Salad.

My favorites from the Dudade Special are the chickpea stew, the broad bean paste, and greens, but in reality, everything on the plate was delicious. Except for the tomato salad. It might have been an off-day because usually I like this refreshing salad, but this time, the tomatoes were tasteless and watery. I guess that’s what happens when tomatoes aren’t in season.

It’s hard not to leave stuffed from Rahel Ethiopian. The plentiful injera (the bread) and the hearty supply of stews makes this vegan restaurant one of my favorites because I always leave satiated and happy. It’s an ideal place to come with friends who aren’t squeamish about sharing the same plate of food.

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Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Restaurant
1047 S Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA‎ – (323) 937-8401‎

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