Purgatory Pizza

Purgatory PizzaPurgatory Pizza is located in kind of a strange place. It’s on the outskirts of the main part of downtown LA, sitting at a mostly empty street by its lonesome self. If I hadn’t read about it beforehand (from Quarrygirl) I wouldn’t have known about it at all. The main reason we ate there was because we were in the area and it’s a pizza place that has vegan options.

The inside of the restaurant is nicely decorated with painted walls; my favorite section is pictured on the left. We got there on a weekday night around 8pm and the place was empty. I guess they don’t get a lot of foot traffic at that time. There was nothing in the display cases, and it looked like they were ready to close shop, so we were glad we weren’t any later.

Purgatory Pizza

The BF and I split a medium pizza which ended up being smaller than we thought. The pizza was topped with vegan cheese and I ordered sausage on my half.

The pizza as a whole was okay. It’s not the best vegan pizza I’ve had. That award goes to That’s Amore in Cerritos. The vegan cheese on Purgatory Pizza’s cheese had a gross hard texture that got even less appetizing as it cooled.

The crust on the pizza was thin — maybe a little too thin towards the middle, but the outside was decent. I’m not a professor of New York Pizza or anything, but I liked it. I also liked the tomato sauce, which had a little heat to it and wasn’t too tangy.

If you’re vegan, I’d suggest just ordering it sans cheese. If you’re not vegan, I’m sure the regular cheese will be fine. I thought the sausage that topped my half was good, but not spectacular. We might visit Purgatory again if we’re in the area, but it doesn’t seem like somewhere we’d go out of the way to eat at.

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Purgatory Pizza
1326 East 1st Street
Los Angeles CA 90033
(323) 262-5310

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