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Some may already know this, but when I’m not writing here, I write in a few other places too. I write game reviews for Siliconera and I do weekly restaurant reviews for Culver City Beat. If you haven’t figured out from reading all my posts by now, I love games and food.

I don’t know if this is helpful or not, or if anyone cares, but I’m thinking about just doing a weekly or bi-weekly link dump of other things I’ve written recently. That way, people won’t be out of the loop if they only visit this site.

This week, I reviewed Elebits DS on Siliconera. The game was surprisingly fun because I was expecting something childish and boring based on the game cover. Boy, was I wrong. It’s an adventure game like Zelda, but with puzzle elements and collect-stuff elements from Pokemon.

I also wrote a review of Tara’s Himalayan on CCBeat. I’ve had lunch at this restaurant a handful of times already and I’m still not sick of it. I always order their mango lassi because well, I can never refuse it. My favorite dishes here are the momos, which are like dumplings, and the chicken tikka — a chicken curry stew almost.

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