Hotlips Pear Soda

Hot Lips Soda (Pear)The first thing I thought when I had a sip of this soda was, “Wow, this really does taste like pear.” The second thing I thought was, “No, actually, it tastes like a poached pear.” I think the vanilla is what gives it that poached pear taste. If you like pear, you’ll like this soda.

Because the carbonation level in Hotlips’ line of soda is low, the soda tasted too sweet and almost syrupy to me. When I mentioned that the soda tasted a little flat in a previous review of the Boysenberry soda, someone from the company contacted me and said they purposely put less carbonation into the soda so that the fruit flavors stand out more. The flavors definitely did stand out, but so did the sweetness. I think if they want so little carbonation in their soda, they should ease off on the sweetness because as it is right now, it tastes too syrupy.

Other than that, I thought the soda had a great real pear flavor — none of that artificial stuff. I wanted to try a some with some soda water mixed in, but I ended up drinking the whole bottle before I had a chance to.

4 out of 5 SAMs

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