Got my first roll of film developed

Driving into the donut hole

I dropped my first roll of film off at CVS. It was mostly a test roll to make sure my 35mm camera was working. It is. I also learned that I don’t ever want to go to CVS to get prints again. Why?

  • They didn’t know what dpi their machine scanned in negatives as.
  • Even though they charged me for 1 hour service, when I came back 4 hours after, they had JUST gotten the prints out of the machine.
  • The photo center employees know nothing about what they’re doing.
  • I guess they scan the negatives into a machine at a super low dpi, post-process it for you, and then print it out of the machine at a crappy resolution.

The last point really discourages me from returning to CVS. If they’re going to develop the negatives, scan it into a machine, alter it digitally, and then print it out of the machine at a crappy resolution, I might as well just do that at home.

I think I’m going to have to find somewhere local to get my film developed, and then eventually buy a negatives scanner so I can scan the negatives in myself. It sucks that I’ll need to get a new scanner though. I wanted to use my all-in-one printer/scanner, but the above picture was what came out of a scan and as you can see, the quality of the scanner part of this all-in-one is not so good.

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  1. Mister Raroo says

    I have a great old film camera my dad gave me. He had it since I was a kid. I should use it, but I’ve gotten so used to being able to look at a photo right after I take it, delete it if is sucks, immediately upload it to the computer, alter it there, etc. But film is more romantic.

  2. says

    I get my film developed at my local Costco. Processing is cheap (~$1 without prints), but best of all, the people who work the Noritsu machine are real geeky. They even will point you to the site to get the printer profile for their machine.

  3. says

    Costco sounds like a great idea and I thought about it before, but I don’t have a Costco membership. I guess I can tag along with my parents whenever I go visit them and they decide to go to Costco.

    Although…for $1 one roll, it might make sense for me to just buy the membership myself.

    Thanks for the tip!

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