Good Morning

A good morningI wish all mornings could start like this. Fresh cooked steel cut oats ready when I wake up thanks to the BF loading the rice cooker the night before. I made my bowl of oatmeal savory with some finely chopped kalamata olives, green onions, olive oil, and maggi sauce. He made his sweet with maple syrup and bananas.

Unfortunately, I never have the mental fortitude to wake up early enough on weekday mornings to go through the whole routine of preparing oatmeal, even if it is just putting toppings on. I usually just put the oatmeal in glass tupperware and take it to work so that I can enjoy it leisurely at work. For some reason, if I feel guilty about lollygagging before going to work, but I don’t feel guilty about sleeping in until the last possible minute before I spring out of bed and rush to work.

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    i don’t really have breakfast until i realised without some kind of sugar in my body i will fall asleep and feel extremely tired. so i at least have a glass of milk. i’m like you.. i prefer to stay in my bed for as long as i can and then i jump out of bed and rush out the door!

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