Dinner: Orechiette & Pizza

Dinner: home-made orecchietteTonight, the BF made orechiette from scratch! Sure, it’s probably a lot more work than just boiling dry pasta, but man, they were 10x as good. They were thick and chewy without being too hard. The funny thing is, they looked a lot more like ears than the dry pasta does. Their chewiness also added to their ear-like quality. If I closed my eyes, I could imagine that they’re baby ears.

The pasta sauce was made from some leftover white bean and tomato spread I made last night (more on that below), and sauteed rape plant that we had leftover from a few nights ago. I love it when we can make use of leftovers because I hate wasting food and throwing out old leftovers.

Dinner: Homemade pizza

The night before, I made pizza dough and baked a pizza for dinner. I don’t really like pizza sauce, so I usually make my pizzas sans sauce. This one had carmelized onions, even if the onions went way past carmelized in the oven, leftover sauteed rape plant (it’s the leftover that keeps on giving!), chopped olives, and some minced garlic.

Dinner: white bean spread

Thinking that I was missing some sort of protein element in dinner, I also whipped up this white bean and tomato spread. It’s just white beans (from a can), canned tomatoes, chopped garlic, and some spices simmered until most of the liquid is reduced.

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