Dear People Who Call Themselves Vegetarians

If you call yourself a vegetarian, but you eat fish, guess what? You’re not a vegetarian. Fish is a meat. Just because they’re not cute or make any sounds doesn’t mean they don’t feel pain when you bite into their deliciously tender flesh.

What’s even worse are you “vegetarians” who just don’t eat red meat. Hey guess what? White meat is still meat. And you people who call yourselves vegetarians and tick off a list of things you don’t eat, but still eat some types of meat? You’re just plain picky.

Don’t even get me started on raw foods people. People discovered fire for a reason. Stop trying to live in the stone-age.

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  1. Maverynthia says

    Butbut.. I like eating my bloody red meat raw! D: >:E

    cute little salamander, newt, thing

    though if a humanitarian is someone that helps other people, then why aren’t vegetarians people who help plants D:

  2. Justin says

    Lots of people are vegetarians for health reasons and not moral reasons, you know. I know lots of people that don’t eat red or white meat and identify as “vegetarian” even though they eat fish, because red & white meat is (generally) not as healthy, and tends to be harder on the stomach.

    I personally eat everything, so I’m indifferent. What someone consumes and how they label themselves doesn’t really matter to me,

  3. says

    @Justin, I understand that lots of people don’t eat red meat for health reasons, but I still think it’s silly that they call themselves vegetarians.

  4. chauee says

    Louise has a point. People can eat whatever they want but for the sake of political correctness, if they consume ANY kind of ANIMAL flesh, then they are not VEGEtarians.

    Don’t you think eating only raw foods will increase a person’s chances of contracting pathogens & parasites when there’s an outbreak?…Salmonella, E.coli, tapeworms, flukes, etc…

  5. uhleeuh says

    Um, I eat most foods but I do enjoy raw food. I don’t see what’s wrong with eating raw fish or vegetables. When you cook vegetables they usually become soggy and tasteless. As for e. coli; wash your damn vegetables.

    • says

      I don’t have anything against raw vegetables or fish. I eat plenty of raw fish, but some vegetables *need* to be cooked in order to be digested fully or could even be toxic in large amounts when eaten raw. I was mostly talking about people who refuse to eat anything cooked and only eat raw foods. There’s a difference between eating raw fruits and vegetables and eating *only* raw fruits and vegetables.

  6. Sam says

    Most people still call themselves VEGEtarians because no-one understands what we say when we call ourselves PESCetarian and in situations where meat is around it is a lot better to just let people think you avoid it all together, than having confusion and ending up accidentally eating it.

  7. Edward says

    I don’t call myself anything, I just act upon my feelings and sense of right or wrong.
    Get your head out of your ass.
    (Feel free to use this comment regarding which side are you on)

  8. Mindy says

    I think you are MUCH too judgmental and I am sure many people can find fault or degrade your lifestyle but you should learn to be the bigger person.

    The PASSIONATE VEGETARIAN approach avoids labeling people, suggesting that ways of eating, and other people, be considered more fluidly. Besides, labeling so often leads to filing away, writing off, and just generally diminishing others).

    • Will says

      Louise isn’t a vegetarian, and in either event, I don’t think anyone’s trying to suggest that a fluid approach to eating is a bad thing. However, if you eat meat or fish, you’re NOT A VEGETARIAN. You can choose not to label yourself, or choose to call yourself something else; just don’t call yourself a vegetarian.

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