Yay TV!

My new console gaming setup

Yes, we’ve finally moved into the HDTV age. We had an HDTV before, but it was only a 26″, which we thought would be enough when we got it, but now compared to this TV, I can’t believe we’ve been looking at a small screen for so long.

This baby is a Panasonic Viera 50″ plasma with 1080p. Unfortunately, we can’t test out the 1080p functionality because I have one of the old 360s with no HDMI-out. Noooooo! Oh well, I’m still glad I got this. Now I can actually see the text from my games without having to stand up from the couch.

I’m still paranoid about image retention. Luckily, Gears doesn’t have a static crosshair most of the time and I switch weapons enough to prevent burn in of the weapon shapes.

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