Seattle: Boom Noodle


The BF and I stumbled upon Boom Noodle on accident Saturday night for dinner. We were actually trying to look for another restaurant, but passed by it and couldn’t resist after looking at the menu. (Actually, I couldn’t resist the cucumber gimlet in the drinks section.)

It was too bad that I forgot my close-up lens in LA ; I couldn’t take any good pictures of the food.


We started off with an edamame puree, which is a bit like humus made out of edamame. The puree was smooth, nutty and flavored well and went perfectly with the chips provided. I just wish there was more puree and chips because I was left wanting more after we finished off the dollop we were given.


Next, we had hiyakko tofu. It was called ‘sesame tofu’ or something like that on the menu. It was just blocks of medium-firm tofu topped with seaweed, bamboo, shittake mushrooms, and a sesame sauce. The dish was refreshing and the sauce was perfect.

As a main, I had the seafood curry udon noodle soup (not picutred). It came with mussels, rock shrimp, and pieces of white fish, which were all delicious. The broth was a little too thick and salty for my tastes, but it had an interesting vinegary flavor that made it difficult to stop drinking.

The BF had the beet soba noodle soup, which he really enjoyed. The beets added a nice depth to the broth that’s usually missing from vegan broths.

I was afraid this place was going to be too fusiony and hip, but the food wasn’t bad at all. I can see this type of place being popular in Los Angeles. I wouldn’t mind returning next time I’m in Seattle.

Oh yeah, my cucumber gimlet was strong and refreshing, but in the end it became hard to drink because there were so many chunks of cucumber and lime in it.

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