Dinner: Tomato Salad with Bread

Dinner: Tomato and Bread salad

The BF wanted something refreshing today because of the heat wave. I wanted him to use up the tons of tomatoes we got from the farmer’s market. We were both happy with the way the tomato salad turned out. The best part was that we didn’t have to buy anything new to make dinner!

Ingredients of the tomato salad: chopped tomato, torn up basil (from my plant), a cubed cucumber (we found it in the fridge and it was still good!), olives (leftover from olive tapenade this weekend), chopped red onion (also from this weekend), torn up pieces of stale bread (I baked bread last night), and a dollop of plain yogurt for me. It was seasoned with a simple vinaigrette and za’atar I keep around in the fridge.

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