The Wackness

The Wackness is about a psychiatrist named Dr. Squires (played by Ben Kingsley) and his client, Luke Shapiro. Luke just graduated high school and just so happens to also be Dr. Squires’ marijuana dealer. Instead of a bunch of hilarity coming out of it, the movie is more of a drama with some funny parts thrown in to lighten the mood.

The movie is a coming of age story, but about two people. Not only does Luke discover himself the summer after high school, but Dr. Squires also ends up finding himself and changing his life.

Spoiler after the jump.

I liked seeing the parallelism between the beginning of the movie, where Dr. Squires is reaching out and trying to help Luke while Luke thinks his life is depressing and wants to die, and the end where Luke is the one helping Dr. Squires.

I liked Luke, but I thought that his character (especially his dark and depressing, “Oh I’m such an outsider” attitude) was a bit of an exaggeration of some boys I went to high school with. There were a few corny moments in the movie like the beach scene where Dr. Squires tries to kill himself, but overall, I thought the movie was good.

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