Weekend Dump

On Saturday, the BF and I went to his waitress friend’s house for dinner. She’s planning on opening up a vegan/vegetarian restaurant on the west side and wanted to run some dishes by us and some of her other friends for feedback. I would have taken pictures of all the dishes she cooked, but they all looked so good I dug in before remembering to snap pictures most of the time.

First came some tofu sticks. They were seasoned well, firm and chewy and went well with the tasty peanut dip. The peanut dip was getting complements from everyone which was no surprise — it tasted really good even with the absence of fish sauce.

She also made mini-eggrolls, which were cute and great tasting. It was hard to eat just one. With the mini-eggrolls were some fried wontons stuffed with purple yam. Those wontons were slightly sweet, but went well with the salty dipping sauce she included. There was also a different wonton with cheese in it, which was clearly a crowd pleaser.

This was my favorite dish of the night. It was a spicy and sour salad with veggie ham, radish, and a bunch of other stuff served with lettuce cups. It was the perfect balance of sour and spicy. The spicy had a quick burn, but didn’t leave you gasping for water. I think this would be a fantastic dish to include in her menu because it’s refreshing and interactive. The interactivity is good because then the customer can decide for themselves how much filling they want with their lettuce cup.

Overall the dinner was great and Baree (the friend who was cooking) was really skilled with flavoring things, especially the sauces. I thought a lot of the dishes relied too heavily on soy products, but stepping back, I don’t think customers would order dish after dish of soy products anyway. Some veggie dishes would easily balance out the menu.

On Sunday the BF and I went to go get foot massages at some place in the SGV. While it wasn’t relaxing while we were getting it (Chinese massage places like the beat the crap out of you), I definitely felt less tense after. The place not only did our feet, but also did our backs, shoulder, neck, and head while our feet were soaking in warm water. Not bad for $15 an hour!

The guy who was massaging me was really strong. Even when I whined about him pressing too hard on me, he said, “What?! I’m only using a quarter of my strength!” but didn’t let up. It was painful while he was doing it, but now, a day later, it still feels good, especially the places where he made me stretch.

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