Dinner: rice & panchan

Dinner: rice & panchan

I wanted to make a simple and refreshing dinner tonight to prepare for gorging on delicious July 4th BBQ tomorrow. Sometimes it feels nice to have some simple white rice and some small appetizing (or as the Chinese call it, kai wei) dishes to go with it.
Dinner: panchan

From the top left, clockwise: picked spicy radish, hijiki salad, blanched spinach salad, cucumber salad.

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    It’s been an epoch or three, my friend. I am not entirely sure, being as I have a hard time counting, let alone an accurate sense of time. (Or for that matter, an attention span.) ^^

    I think this is your old site, and if you have no idea who on earth this is, then chances are I can add this to a long and ever growing list of people that I’ve confused 😉 (An innocent mistake, I can assure you, haha)

    If this is you, “inshallah”, email me sometime, if you have either time or inclination. I’ve also included my silly little myspace, if you find that medium more convenient~_~ (ErikKierstead@yahoo.com)

    Best wishes, my old friend, and happy fragging~

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