Dinner: Natto & Rice

Dinner: rice, natto, fish, and watermelon

I was craving natto for some reason these past couple of days, so I decided to make a simple dish of natto on piping hot rice. It ended up not being so simple because I wanted to dress it up a little with grated radish and chopped kimchi. Then, since I also had a craving for poke, I topped it off with some store bought poke and shrimp.
Dinner: rice, natto, fish, and watermelon

I’ve never had natto mixed with chopped kimchi before, but it’s a fantastic combination. It’s even more delicious wrapped in some nori.

My mom also made some sauteed watermelon skin (the white fleshy parts) for me to take home so I had that with the rice as well. It’s refreshing and appetizing straight out of the fridge.

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    ok, I am intrigued by this natto. Intrigued!

    I was eating Fage brand Greek yogurt – it is so much thicker and creamier than regular yogurt and tastes a little tangier. It’s not runny and full of processed sugar like most yogurt you buy at the grocery store in America. If you make tzatziki or frozen yogurt this is definitely the most delicious kind to use 🙂