Happy Birthday to Me

Birthday Cupcakes

I had a great birthday this weekend. The BF baked a bunch of delicious cupcakes to bring to my birthday party at Indian. I was afraid that I had invited too many people, but the perfect number of people showed up even though most of them were half an hour late. It was a good crowd and I’m glad everyone seemed to enjoy the food.

Afterward, a few of us got together and went to LaDefence in Korea town for some karaoke. The place had private fancy karaoke rooms (complete with a light and smoke machine!) and the price was just right (I think it was $50 a room). The only downside is that they close at midnight because they haven’t gotten some sort of license yet.


The next day, I went to my parents’ for dinner and they made one of my favorite foods: dumplings. They even made a vegan version with fried tofu, Chinese celery, mushrooms and bean thread for the BF.

I usually don’t like to make a big deal about my birthday, but this weekend was a great way to celebrate being a quarter of a century years young.

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