A quick almost-no-cook dinner

Dinner ingredients

I was already starving while driving on the way home from work, so I wanted to make a quick dinner. I stopped by Mitsuwa and picked up some rice vinegar (we had run out at home), baby cucumbers, natto (with grated radish and braised enoki mushrooms), kimchi, and marinated mackerel.

I thinly sliced the baby cucumbers and mixed them with a bit of rice vinegar and salt. I learned from one of the sushi chefs at my usual lunch spot to use my hand to slightly squeeze the slices of cucumber while mixing it around to have it absorb more flavor.

The mackerel was easy and tasty. I think Mitsuwa used a miso marinade for the fish. I just plopped it onto a pan and seared for about a minute and a half on each side. I think I may have had the heat on too high because the outside was a bit charred, but it still tasted fine.


The whole dinner took me less than half an hour to make and clean-up was minimal. I even have some fish and cucumber salad leftover for lunch tomorrow.

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