Malan Noodles

On our never-ending quest to try hand-made noodles, the BF and I drove to Hacienda Heights to try out Malan Noodles. When we walked in, the woman who worked there grabbed an order sheet, some water in styrofoam cups and pointed us to an empty table.

Malan Noodles

At the front of the restaurant is a refrigerated case with assorted cold appetizers like slices of beef, Chinese salads, and tofu salads. We chose the baked tofu and cilantro (vegetarian) and the woman promptly brought it out. The dish was decent, fresh tasting and with the addition of the chili-sauce and vinegar they provided on the table, very satisfying.

Malan Noodles

Even though it was in the upper 90s outside and sweltering, I ordered the beef noodle soup with medium flat noodles. (The nicely air conditioned restaurant sealed the deal). The broth was clear, beefy tasting, but also had a sweetness to it either from the onions or the daikon radish. There’s something about daikons that make them so flavorful when paired with beef. The pieces of beef were seasoned perfectly and tender. The noodles were the star of the show. They were flat, wide, chewy and tasted delicious slurped with a mouthful of broth.
Malan Noodles

The BF ordered vegetarian noodle soup with triangle noodles. According to him, the broth was bland, but he considered that a good thing — there was a sign in the front saying that the restaurant doesn’t add MSG. After the addition of some chili sauce, salt, and vinegar (all condiments readily available at the table), the soup tasted much better. The triangle noodles in his bowl were very chewy — just the way he likes it.
Malan Noodles

For a place that specializes in hand-pulled noodles, Malan lives up to its fame. They have different shapes of noodles to choose from: small round to large round, small flat to large flat, and the triangle noodles. If you’re not sure about which noodles to choose, there’s a helpful cooler with samples of each noodle on display with labels.

Another thing I like about this place is their chili sauce. I don’t know if it’s made in-house or if it’s out of a jar, but it’s spicy, smokey, and fragrant without having so much heat that it overpowers all the other flavors. While my broth was good to begin with, after adding some black vinegar and chili sauce, it was almost heavenly.

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Malan Noodles (CASH ONLY)
2020 S Hacienda Blvd
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

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  1. DannyG says

    I love Malan!
    You seem to really know your hand pulled noodles.
    What other places would you recommend?