Bleh, Mondays

I had a much needed wine spritzer before dinner tonight. The BF made it with some club soda and wine we opened last night. I had it with some chips and salsa because I’m classy like that.
Dinner: Orzo Salad
The BF also made orzo pasta salad for dinner, which was simple and tasty and made use of the leftover herbs we had in the fridge. I hate how when we buy fresh herbs from the store and never end up using all of it.

After too long of a day at work, I came home and played some more My Life As A King. I know I’m not really being productive, but it feels productive and rewarding knocking a feel more dungeons out in the game. I wonder if this is how project managers feel after engineers finish projects.

I’ve started turning off my email at work these couple of days and I think I’ve been more productive without it. I don’t really need to be checking it every ten minutes. This way I can just focus on the things I need to finish that day instead of stressing over other things I need to add to my queue.

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