I’m in China

bicycles in china
Getting on my blog through China’s firewall is difficult. Building the Great Wall of China was only practice for building the Great Firewall of China.

There are still a lot of bicycles here, but there are even more cars than I remembered here. I guess lane markers are only a suggestion and it’s not uncommon for a car to split lanes with another one. One night, our taxi was tired of rush hour traffic that was going no where and just decided to plow through the separate bike lane, honking at cyclists and cutting dangerously close to some of them. I forgot how exciting it was to ride in a car in China.

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    Sounds like my experiences in Tiawan with my younger brother-in-law. He’s a professional chauffeur (and has also been a cabbie and a bus driver). After riding with him for just half an hour, it takes 3 days for me to loosen up enough to take a dump. 😀