Messenger Platform App Review

I found that the app review process of Facebook Messenger’s platform a little confusing while I was working on a side project. The documentation briefly goes over app review but based on my confusion and that of the people in the developer group, I figure I should clear this up once.

The problem was that I created a chat bot and while I can chat with it, other users couldn’t. Their messages were not triggering a webhook that responds to their messages. I had added the “pages_messaging” permission, but that’s not enough. In order for normal users to chat with my Messenger platform app, the app needed to be made public and reviewed by facebook.

app review

The first step is to go to the “App Review” section and provide all the information (including a video of how the app is used).  Set your app as public. If you’re like me, you still won’t be able to “Submit for review” because of this message:

You do not have any platforms eligible for review.

add a platform

To fix this, go to the Settings page and click on the link to add a platform. Notice there’s no Messenger Platform yet. Instead, choose “website” as a platform and provide it with a URL. I used a github page URL and it got approved, so I’m assuming that’s okay.

Once a platform is added, you’ll see the “Submit for Review” function is enabled, so hit that button and wait for someone to review your app. When the app is reviewed, users who are not developer or test roles should be able to chat with your Messenger Platform app.

This is the dish you aren’t eating at Mian

Spicy Tofu Custard
With all the hype about their saucy noodle soups and savory wontons, it’s understandable that you overlooked the Tofu with Minced Pork in the appetizers section of the menu. Don’t let the unexciting name put you off though, because the Tofu with Minced Pork is one of the best dishes on the menu.

Warm, custardy tofu comes topped with bits of pork, crispy fried noodle, a savory sauce, and the perfect sprinkling of peppercorn, sugar, chili flakes, and a scattering of vegetables. Every spoonful of this dish is a disco in your mouth. The fried noodle is reminiscent of the crumbs of at the bottom of a package of instant ramen. The crunchy vegetables are a necessary counterpoint to the softness of the tofu. This definitely isn’t the mild, comforting doufu hua you’re used to eating from the northern Chinese restaurants in the morning.

City of Gold

When I heard about this documentary being made years ago, I have to admit that I wasn’t that enthusiastic about it. Because of his larger than life persona around certain circles in Los Angeles, I concerned that the film would be heavy on idolatry. Fortunately, after viewing it at the LA premiere last night (thanks for the invite, JG!), my concerns were proven wrong. Instead of a documentary about a man, it’s a touching documentary about a man’s love of Los Angeles.

Gold mentions how people who live in LA have to suffer through being explained what LA is by visitors who stay a few days and who presume to know the city. In this film, you feel the opposite. You can tell it’s made by Angelenos who have lived through the good and bad of LA.

Years ago, I was faced with the choice of leaving Los Angeles, where I grew up. Part of me was sick of traffic and the fact that everyone was always late to everything. Watching City of Gold made me so happy that I stayed.